Bigg Boss 14,Exclusive Updates,Today Episode,23 December 2020,

Bigg Boss 14,Exclusive Updates : In the upcoming episode, you are all about to see that the second phase of the Captaincy Task is about to take place, as well as the remaining ones who will always walk in the balloons one after the other and out of the Captains race and when Captain G Top ends. Who will make this app of Big Boss and who will be the captain of this and because of which, let us tell you, and what big big girls are going to be during the captaincy task, we also tell you that Rakhi Sawant is going to come first. The star will always do the most for her and everyone will do her further concerts and Rakhi Sawant, Ali Kuli, puts Abhinav Shukla out of Captain Sita in the trap of Rahul Vaidya, who puts his bag in the bridge. After that you are going to see  Abhinav Shukla and Ali Kuli are going to fight and fight with each other, here  Ali Kuli is seen making very big accusations with the fellow who is playing the entire cloth of Ali Goli. Will go, which will prove that neither Govinda nor his family is ever supported by heart After this, there will be good and good fight after this, with this, 2 of the last will be saved, namely, Rahul Gupta and Vikas, out of which Vikas Gupta will become the captain of Bigg Boss season  


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