Bigg Boss 14 Promo Today Episode December 25 | Vikas Gupta vs Eijaz Khan

In promo of today episode of Bigg Boss 14 Full Episode we will see that a new argument will happen between Eijaz khan and Vikas Gupta due to their mutual girlfriend issue on bigg boss 14 25 December promo episode

As if all of you are waiting to say that we will not bring business for you anymore, so please bring us a chance to wait, so we apologize that until we get something confirmed, we do not think of you going to the next gym of Bigg Boss. What will happen on December 25 will be a tremendous fight between Ijaz Orbit Wish Vikas will make some comment about Ijaz’s girlfriend, which the ship will get very angry and he will be mad that whatever he starts doing and will hurt some Bigg Boss realization. Like will kick the glass and do many more. For full information, watch the video above


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