Bigg Boss 14 promo: Ijaz Khan pushed Kashmiri Shah, then Rubina slapped in front of everyone

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 14’s house has recently introduced new challengers and they have definitely added fun and drama to the house. The show’s latest promo suggests easing the competition with a new act.

In the new assignment, the members of the house will be divided into two teams and fight against each other in the nomination task. The promo shows contestants using physical force to destroy others’ stalls as well as to protect them. All of this is funny until Ejaz Khan pushes Kashmiri Shah, stopping him. This upsets Rubina as she yells at Ejaz, asking him to behave himself. On the other hand, Ejaz defends himself by saying that he is only playing his game. Responding to her, Rubina can be heard saying that she is only making up drama to be seen by other people.

Meanwhile, the incident left Kashmira, who cannot stop Ijaz’s action and is on the verge of crying. The new promo features Manu Punjabi, the captain of the house, who is donating Shankhalak’s hat for the task.


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In other updates related to Bigg Boss 14, rumors are hot that Ellie Gony and Nikki Tamboli are all set to make a comeback at home. According to the latest reports, a couple is about to be evicted from the house and Goni and Tamboli will agree to them.

Ellie Gony, who chose self-expulsion to choose between herself and Jasmine Bhasin, previously stated that she is only here to support her best friend, Jasmine.

Meanwhile, in a recent episode of the show, Jasmine Bhasin finally confesses to her and Gony’s relationship. The two came to each other through thick and thin and their love and care for each other always showed that there is definitely something between them. However, time and again, the two have stated that they are only friends. But in a recent episode, Jasmine finally confesses that she and Ellie Gony have been in a relationship for the past three years.


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