Bigg Boss 14: Contestants get a special gift on the occasion of Christmas! Rakhi Sawant gets her husband’s letter

Bigg Boss 14: Christmas was also seen in Bigg Boss house. Contestants were also given a special surprise gift at the Bigg Boss house on Christmas. Contestants looked a little happy and a little emotional after receiving the gift. On the occasion of Christmas, the letters of his near and dear ones came from the houses of the Contestants, which all the Contestants read and sent very emotional. Rakhi Sawant was given her husband’s letter by Salman Khan.

On the occasion of Christmas, the contestants, forgetting all their old differences, were seen hugging each other. Everyone was very happy after getting the message from their families. Jasmin became emotional while reading letters from her home and filled her eyes. Rakhi Sawant also had a smile on her face when the letter of her husband also came. Rakhi read the letter in private. Rakhi’s husband wrote that he has a Christmas special because of Rakhi. Rakhi remembered her husband after reading this and Rakhi became very emotional.


Let me tell you that this season’s game has become more tuffed with the arrival of Rakhi, Arshi and Rahul Mahajan at home. On one hand, these old men are seen to be gathering their color, on the other hand new members are seen in their enthusiasm. Who will win the bet this time, it will tell the time to come.


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