Bigg Boss 14: Ali Goni did Arshi Khan KISS, Jasmine Bhasin reacted in this manner

Bigg Boss 14: Among the most talked about reality shows on Indian television, Bigg Boss always remains in the headlines for its controversies. At the same time, many couples also come out in Bigg Boss house. This time at home, the relationship between Ali Goni and Jasmin Bhasin is highest. Chemistry fans of both are very much liked. The family members are also seen teasing them many times. At the same time, both of them have given their relationship the name of friendship. In Thursday’s episode, Ali Goni and Arshi Khan were seen kissing each other on the cheek. On which Jasmin Bhasin’s reaction was worth watching.

Arshi Khan comes and kisses Ali’s cheek. During this Kashmiri Shah is seen cheering. Jasmine also smiles a little. After this, Jasmine speaks to Ali to kiss Arshi. After this, Ali kisses Arshi on the cheek. It is all fun and fun. But later it seems that Jasmine did not like this thing. She looked a little upset and later she was seen referring to this in front of Ali and Rubina.

On this incident, Jasmine goes to Ali and says’ I am free to do whatever I want but it does not mean that I will do anything. So you should not do either. After this, Ali says that it was you who asked to do this. ‘


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