Bharti Singh Came Out Of Jail And Posted Such A Post

There have been many ups and downs in everyone’s life this year. The year 2020 can hardly be forgotten. In which people had to face economic hardship. There, many film stars remained the subject of discussion. This year, film actor Sushant Singh Rajput said goodbye to this world. During the investigation of his death, film personalities

He was summoned by the Mumbai Police for questioning. Recently, the house of famous comedian Bharti Singh and her husband was raided by the NCB. From the house of Bharti and her husband. Go to the village. Recovered. As a result, Bharti and Harsh were taken into custody and interrogated. Both of them were arrested after Bharti Singh confessed that he was doing this.

Bharti Singh and her husband were released on bail on Monday. Since then, Bharti Singh has shared a post on Instagram. In this post, Bharti congratulates her friend Amrita Khanwil Kar on her birthday. And while sharing his picture, it is written that my dear |

Ammu Happy Birthday This post is the first to be posted by an Indian since he was released from jail. People are amazed that in spite of all this, Bharti Singh has not taken it all seriously and has started sharing posts as usual.


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