BCCI should host T20 World Cup by paying tax: Ranta

New Delhi, 14 January (IANS). Former BCCI treasurer Kishore Runta says that the board should host the T20 World Cup this year, barring the tax demand from the central government, excluding tax apology.

A few days ago, IANS said in its special report that if the Indian government does not give tax exemption, the BCCI may have to pay a tax of Rs 906 crore for this World Cup. Even if the government provides 10 percent relief, the Indian board will still have to pay 227 crore tax.

The World Cup is just 10 months away and the International Cricket Council (ICC) has placed the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a backup. BCCI has missed two deadlines before – 31 December 2019 and 31 December 2020. Now the pressure has increased on her to decide whether she wants to host the tournament or not. An official said the new deadline is in February. The Finance Ministry has an appeal pending with the BCCI for tax exemption in this T20 World Cup. However, the government has not taken any decision on this.

Runta Gata, who was the BCCI treasurer between 1998 and 2003, told IANS: “Sports units are not being taxed. Don’t tell me whether the BCCI is paying tax now or not, but if he pays the tax normally (which I am not aware of), then he should host the T20 World Cup this year by paying tax.

Runta Gata said, BCCI should still try for tax exemption so that it can get some relief as it benefits BCCI as well as Government of India. I think this should be the only issue and India should not back down from organizing the World Cup.

It is interesting to note that BCCI is not even recognized as a National Sports Federation by the Sports Ministry. After missing two deadlines, the ICC has given the BCCI two options which seem to be the last for the BCCI. The first is the T20 World Cup to be held in the UAE and the second is the guarantee that if the Indian Board is not able to get tax exemption, then it will have to bear the responsibility of tax which is at least Rs 226.58 crore and maximum 906.33 Crores will be Rs.

BCCI Secretary Jai Shah is the son of Home Minister Amit Shah and Treasurer Arun Kumar Dhumal is the brother of Minister of State for Finance Anurag Thakur. Anurag has also previously been the BCCI President. The Finance Ministry has to take a decision on this and the BCCI’s Apex Council will once again consider the tax related issue on Sunday.

Runta Gata said that the BCCI is a rich board and if needed it should organize the World Cup by paying tax. According to the latest balance sheet of BCCI, it has assets of around Rs 15,000 crore.



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