BCCI is against strict quarantine rules in Brisbane: report

Sydney, 8 January (IANS) If the Indian team has to go through strict quarantine rules once more, it will not go to Brisbane for the fourth and final Test match. The BCCI has reportedly told Cricket Australia (CA) about this.

According to the website ESPNcricinfo’s report, the BCCI has told this in a recent dialogue with CA on Thursday.

A BCCI official has confirmed that an e-mail has been sent to CA and that there is no need for strict quarantine as the Indian team has been quarantined for two weeks since their arrival in Australia.

According to the official, the Indian team management has said that according to the players, staying in hotels is becoming very stressful.

The BCCI has refused to leave its players outside the hotel. According to strict quarantine, the team will have to stay in the hotel-ground-hotel. A fourth Tesch match is to be played at Baba, Brisbane from 15–19 January.

India’s acting captain Ajinkya Rahane has made it clear that the players have no problem with the quarantine and are willing to follow it. He, however, said that staying locked in a hotel room is a challenge, even when the rest of the people in Sydney are leading a normal life.

On Monday, the CA said that they had not officially heard anything from the BCCI on this issue.

The Queensland government has previously stated that it is not an option to follow the rule.



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