BB14: Vikas Gupta made a big claim regarding Aijaz’s girlfriend! Said- ‘He called me…’

Bigg Boss 14: In ‘Bigg Boss-14’, there are battles and fights between the contestants. In these conflicts, many such things related to personal life also come up. At the same time, due to the task of Bigg Boss, many hidden secrets of contestants are revealed. You are also shocked to know that. There was a bad fight between Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan, now in Friday’s episode, there was a fight between Ejaz Khan and Vikas Gupta (Vikas Gupta) over ‘Girlfriend’. During this time, Vikas Gupta said such things, which shocked everyone.

Vikas Gupta was saddened by Ejaz’s claim. He had tears in his eyes and he said that everyone in the house tries to show him negative. Vikas tells Nikki that he had become friendly with a girl. The girl called him home to meet him. Vikas was 21 then.

Vikas said that when he reached the girl’s house, he saw that there was also Ejaz Khan and a phone was lying broken. He then realized that Aijaz was the girl’s boyfriend and that the girl was cheating on Ajaaz.

After this, Vikas Gupta said that after seeing Ijaz there, he never spoke to that girl again. After this, in a conversation with Arshi Khan, Vikas said that Ijaz had a misconception that he filled his girlfriend’s ears.


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