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Bathing in dairy milk then packing to sell the people, the video went viral


Milk is considered to be a good thing for our health and everyone wants that he can drink milk in his life and his family should also get milk so that whatever nutrients are necessary in his family can also remain, but that is a question And you know that when you drink packaged milk, how does it come? India is not known yet, but seeing what has happened in Turkey, many people have been shocked.

Here, a video is becoming increasingly viral and in this video it is seen that a man who works in a milk factory is sitting in a tub filled with milk and it is almost many If there is a liter of milk, then obviously it will not be thrown away.

This means that this person will have a bath in this milk first and then this milk must be packed and sent for people to drink. Nowhere is this a very dirty act, on the basis of which the local police have arrested and found this person, but now a question arises on all the food items that are packing, whether their hygiene and hygiene are really guaranteed is? Because this video has given rise to a new debate in the world.

In such a situation, there are many people who feel that now there is milk or any food and beverage factory, there needs to be increased investigation and strict monitoring of such things inside them, because tomorrow we too They only have to eat.

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