Arjun, son of Geeta Phogat, the famous wrestler of our country is more cute than Taimur, see photos

Friends, Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor and actor Saif Ali Khan’s son Taimur is said to be the most famous star kid. Due to its cuteness, the days of Timur stay in the headlines. It is so cute that everyone could not live without looking at them. But many children like Timur are present in our country, who look so much more lovely than Timur. One of them is the son of Geeta Phogat, the wrestler of our country. Geeta often shares pictures of her son on social media. His son is very cute in appearance and is very cute. Due to its cuteness, pictures of Geeta’s son get viral very quickly.

Geeta Phogat is a very famous female wrestler of our country. He also won a gold medal in wrestling for India. She is the first female wrestler to win a gold medal. Geeta Phogat has now become an inspiration for girls of the country. They have made a mark with their hard work and dedication. Geeta Phogat has won many awards in wrestling. Today, Geeta Phogat has become a very famous name in the field of wrestling.

Please tell that Geeta Phogat is very active on social media. Geeta Phogat’s son’s name is Arjun and he is very cute. Geeta often shares her pictures with her son on social media. Fans like his pictures very much, Arjun’s pictures go viral very fast. Geeta Phogat’s son Arjun is so cute to see that every person who sees him just keeps looking at him. His cuteness wins over everyone.

Geeta Phogat keeps sharing pictures of her son Arjun on social media. People keep commenting on their pictures. Some fans have also told Geeta that her son Arjun looks more adorable than Taimur. Arjun is Geeta’s first child, recently Geeta shared a picture of son Arjun on social media, along with Geeta has also added a caption in which he wrote, “I just want your smile”.

In 2016, Geeta married herself to wrestler Pawan Kumar, 5 years younger. He was married with great pomp. Geeta Phogat is the pride of the country, and she has proved that she is in no way inferior to sons.



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