Archana Puran Singh was completely broken after the first marriage broke up due to this, then this actor gave happiness in life again

There is such a beautiful moment in the life of every human being in this world when he gets married and he finds a soulmate and if this relationship is played with love and trust then there is no shortage but sometimes there are many types in this relationship The shortcomings come and then it becomes very difficult for us to handle it and if seen, it happens many times in our life that we spend so much time in understanding our partner, till then the distance in the relationship increases so much It is known that the relationship is on the verge of breaking up and many times even the relationship is broken and today we are going to tell you about one such famous actress in the film industry and TV world whose story is similar.

Yes, we are talking about Bollywood actress Archana Puran Singh whose married life was nothing special and she got cheated in the first marriage due to which she was completely broken but she handled herself very strongly and once Archana has prepared herself to live life again and today, Archana’s professional life is going very well. These days she is seen in Archana TV’s famous comedy show The Kapil Sharma Show, in which she is very loud Has become very popular for laughing and laughing.

The same way Archana is known for her cheerful nature in reel life, in real life, she has suffered a lot of grief and sorrow and even today, at the age of 58, Archana keeps herself so fit and active that by seeing them her age is estimated. It becomes difficult to apply. Let me tell you, Archana has arranged a second marriage with Parmeet Sethi and this marriage has given them two children and their marriage has been completed for 27 years and both are very happy with this marriage.

Archana never spoke openly about her first marriage and according to the news, she was very disappointed with her first marriage and she had become so lonely that she could not see any way forward but only then Parmeet came to Sethi in life and the two became good friends and when this friendship turned into love, both of them did not know and Archana was also in a live-in relationship with Parmeet at that time which was a very big thing. And in the year 1992 Archana got married to Parmeet.

Let me tell you today Archana and Parmeet are very happy together and Archana said in an interview that “Shaadi” marriage is just a name for a relationship. When both of us decided to live in live-in since then, we are with each other and will always be. Tell us, Archana’s professional life has been fantastic and she has played side by side in many hit films in Bollywood and He has gained a lot of popularity on TV as well and these days he is seen as a judge on TV’s most popular show The Sharma Show.


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