Anushka Sharma drives with a car worth 2 crores, know how much property Virushka owns!

Virat-Anushka is fond of expensive cars, Anushka owns a BMW-7 series car, which was given to her by Vogue magazine as a gift.

New Delhi, Jan 12: Born to the daughter of Team India captain Virat Kohli and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, Virat expressed the joy of becoming a father on social media and said that the daughter was born this afternoon at her home, Virat further revealed that Anushka and Their newborn daughter is perfectly fine, in August 2020, both of them had reported that a new guest is coming to their house, Talking about the career of Anushka and Virat, both of them are considered fantastic in their field, both of their lifestyle too Great, and the car collection is also worth seeing.

Great Car Collection
Virat-Anushka is fond of expensive cars, Anushka has a BMW-7 series car, which was given to her by Vogue Magazine as a gift, the actress is often spotted traveling in Range Rover Vogue,

The price of this price is said to be above Rs 2.08 crore. Virat-Anushka has a large collection of Audi vehicles, besides Audi R-8LMX, Audi R-8V-10, Audi A8L, S-6, Virat also has vehicles like Toyota Fortuner and Renault Duster. is also.

Richest celebrity couple
According to Forbes and JQ, in January 2020, Virat Anushka’s total assets were Rs 1200 crore, according to these figures, Anushka and Virat Kohli are the richest celebrity couples, In 2019, Virat Kohli was included in the list of the 100 highest earning celebrities in Forbes, Forbes had reported that Virat Kohli has earned more than 252 crores in a year.

Highest Cricketer
Virat Kohli is considered to be the most expensive cricketer of the IPL, Virat also has two restaurants, according to which he has total assets of around 1000 crores, Virat Kohli 1 At the same time, Anushka is said to have assets of more than 350 crores, in 2019, she earned around 28 crores, she is rarely seen in films, but she has a production house of her own, which makes films and web series. Hai, this couple has a luxury apartment worth Rs 34 crore in Mumbai.

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