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Ankita Lokhande gets angry at her new boyfriend during the party, she did such an act


Ankita Lokhande, who had been unhappy for a long time as her ex boyfriend Sushant died, is slowly returning to her life and now she is spending her life with her new boyfriend Vicky Jain in a very good way is. It looks like Ankita’s life has become good again now and you can take it as a positive sign in a way which really should be because what is less in the world anyway?

Right now they have a video that Ankita is hosting and everyone was giving Happy Diwali Happy Diwali type wishes to everyone, only then their boyfriends also try to speak some words of Vish Vishkanya type lightly, then Ankita But suddenly she gets angry.

She immediately holds her boyfriend Vicky’s mouth and says, “Don’t talk like this on social media, it’s not right.” However after that everything goes well and whatever was considered bad, they all forget. Well after this it is certain that Vicky is often very fluent in terms of speaking, which does not matter much about what the front will think?

This thing happens in men somewhere and Vicky is its owner. Well, many fans now say that it is at least good that Ankita Lokhande has returned to her normal life and is moving forward in life, otherwise she could have had problems later and it was not at any low level which was forgotten. Can go or that has no significance.

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