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Akshay Kumar did defamation case of Rs 500 crore on this YouTuber, made such video on Akshay


Usually, Akshay Kumar does not pay attention to anything special and avoids going or falling into matters because he is a very intelligent person but when there is something that is against his image and he feels bad. Then they also come to take action and they have done something similar recently with a man who makes videos on YouTube. Which has come up in the discussion after this news and the topic of discussion is also very serious.

In fact, a person named Rashid had posted a video on his YouTube channel, according to which according to him, Akshay Sushant was angry because of MS Dhoni getting the film Sushant because he wanted to do it himself. He had a secret meeting with Aditya Thackeray in this matter and helped to send Riya to Canada.

Rashid had no specific evidence of such allegations and when this video went viral, then Akshay and his team also came in the eye and they have filed a defamation case of Rs 500 crore on Rashid. Dharmendra Mishra of Shiv Sena’s legal cell has also filed a case against Rashid, in which he has been accused of tarnishing the image of Mumbai Police. For now, Rashid has come out of jail, asking to cooperate in the investigation.

But later on, his problems are not going to be reduced. In such a situation, whoever is an online content provider, it is important for them to verify things well and only then publish it in their assigned place or else they may have to face a lot of problems later on.

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