Akshay Kumar becomes Bollywood’s most expensive superstar, a film will have this fee

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has increased his fees. Now Akshay Kumar will charge Rs 135 crore for one of his films. He has increased fees for films released in 2022. In the beginning of 2020, Akshay Kumar announced the charge of charging 102 crore fees. But it was increased to Rs 123 crore.

Prior to Corona, his film Suryavanshi was ready for release. But that film could not be released due to the lockdown. Even now, seeing the presence of people in theaters, it is still being postponed till mid-2021, while films like Atrangi Ray, Prathviraj, Mission Lion, Ram Sethu and Raksha Bandhan will be released in the coming years.

Akshay’s films remain more profitable

Akshay Kumar releases 4 films in a year. Which is profitable. In 2020, Akshay’s Suryavanshi was ready for release. But due to Corona, theaters are closed. Because of which there is a plan to release Suryavanshi in 2021. However, Akshay’s film has been released on OTT platform Hotstar. But a big news was coming out about this film that the company bought it for Rs 125 crores. Although there is so much truth in this figure, it is not yet confirmed.

Akshay releases four films in a year

Akshay Kumar is one such actor. Those who are not accused of any contraption, nor of nepotism. But if they see their opposite, then the atmosphere of both of them is particularly in the Khans. Akshay does 4 films in a year. Which is quite profitable. Along with this, he has offers of many abstract films.
More approach to earn profits quickly

In such a situation, Akshay and Ajay Devgan are the only old stars who are being approached by the makers to earn profits quickly. The budget of Akshay’s films comes to theaters to around 60 crores and if we add Akshay’s fees to it, then it reaches around 150 crores. His films take away their money at the box office. In such a situation, there may not be much profit in the producer’s bag, but Akshay must surely make his pocket thick at home.

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