Ajinkya Rahane was caught with his girlfriend, his mother-in-law caught red handed!

Ajinkya Rahane took a trip with her childhood friend and only girlfriend Radhika Dhopavkar on September 26, 2014.

New Delhi, Dec 27: In the Boxing Day Test match being played in Australia, everyone is praising the acting captain Ajinkya Rahane, due to Rahane’s tremendous batting, Team India has increased on the second day, after the defeat in the first Test match, now in the second match The Indian team is doing well, Rahane has completed his century in this match, after the defeat in the first match, Rahane’s performance in the second match is being praised a lot, well today we will give you about his personal life. Points, which is quite interesting.

Married in 2014
Ajinkya Rahane took a trip with his childhood friend and only girlfriend Radhika Dhopavkar on 26 September 2014,

Both were married to the wishes of the householders with much fanfare, the story of this love cum arranger marriage is also very interesting. Rahane’s wife Radhika is originally from Pune, but her family lives in the neighborhood of Rahane in Mumbai, both of whom were very good friends since childhood.

Friendship turns into love
Ajinkya and Radhika have been friends with each other since childhood, this friendship turned into love over time, the family knew about their friendship, But the seed of love is also there, it was not known, in the meantime, once in college, both the love birds secretly went out to watch the film, but while returning, Radhika’s mother saw them both on the road together, in an attempt to escape. Rahane also hit an auto, this was revealed by Rahane himself in an interview.

House mane
However, when this information came to light in both the houses, they did not make much ruckus on it, after sometime in 2014, both the families decided to get married Both were married with great fanfare, although Rahane wore a t-shirt at his wedding, which he himself told in an interview.

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