Aishwarya too surprised, when seen Vivek’s wife’s picture, see you too!

Friends, in today’s time, all the actor actresses want all their films to be good, and hit, the viewers will like their acting, so that they can clear the way ahead, keep all the directors close, work on them, , But still friends in the film industry, it is not easy to aspire for the name of the night, and the person who has earned the name of the night, he was favored by the owner, the second has been the hand of his famous house behind him, and the third one has Luck was very good that he earned a name in his first film. Friends is one such name who has not been able to earn a good name even after being a boy of film stars.

Oberoi Vivek Oberoi is a name who did not give a hit film in Bollywood but earned a lot of name at one time due to his acting. Let us tell you that Vivek Oberoi is the son of Bollywood’s famous actor Suresh Oberoi, in Bollywood, Vivek started his career with the film ‘Company’ in the year 2002.

Vivek Oberoi once came into the limelight when he was dating Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai and after a breakup with Ash, Vivek decided to marry Orange and married Priyanka, daughter of former Karnataka minister Jeevaraj. And Priyka was very beautiful in search. There are very few people who know about Priyanka and Vivek’s love story, today we are going to tell you about Priyanka and Vivek’s love story. Today we are going to introduce you to Vivek Oberoi’s beautiful wife, in front of whom Aishwarya Rai also fades.
Vivek’s parents wanted Vivek to get married as soon as possible so that he would forget his past and start a new life. Vivek’s mother reached the house of former Karnataka minister Jeevaraj without telling anyone, when Vivek came to know that he was not ready to meet Priyanka but with time everything changes and that’s Same happened to Vivek.

He went to meet Priyanka but before meeting Priyanka, Vivek had placed a condition in front of his mother. Vivek said with a condition that if Priyanka likes me, first I will date her for a year and will get married after one year. When Vivek’s mother accepted this condition, then only Vivek went to meet Priyanka at her house.

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