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After so many years, Priyanka kept her pain, told that it happened while shooting the film


Priyanka Chopra has completed 20 years in her film industry and in such a time, Priyanka has pushed herself with the spirit and in today’s date, she has dominated the way and people like it very much. is. But everyone knows that whatever Priyanka Chopra is today or whatever place she is at, she was not always at that stage, nor did Priyanka develop herself, then she has been able to go like this.

Just now Priyanka has shared a 2004 experience in which she played the role of Sonia Roy and she played this role in the film, which was very bold and close to the man and it was a little surprising for a new actress. Will remain full

Priyanka says that I played my boldest part in Abbas Mastan’s thriller film in 2004, just one year after becoming an actress. Priyanka says that I was new at that time and it was not easy for me to roll like this, the artist inside me was crying that Mian should do something interesting and Sonia’s role was like this. She was clever, was confused, but also emotional.

Actually, in this film, Priyanka Chopra had to give a lot of hot scenes with Akshay Kumar and these were more than that according to her time, which shook Priyanka in the inner but one thing is that Priyanka has with Akshay Because of what he had done, she was so open and forward, then Priyanka did not refrain from doing anything like this and has just kept on growing.

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