After four and a half years, this relationship is called ‘Naira’ said goodbye to the show, shared video

“Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” is an excellent show on serial Star Plus which has been popular for many years. The story of Akshara and Naitik was shown in the beginning of this serial, but when this serial became very popular, its director thought why not remove its second part and its second part was being shown right now.

You must have understood what we are talking about. We are talking about the story of Naira and Karthik. Naira is the daughter of Akshara who is separated from her mother Akshara. This serial part 2 also became very popular and everybody watches this serial, and likes it too.

It is very bad news for the fans of Shivangi that the character of Shivangi i.e. Naira is going to end very soon from what is called the relationship. Let’s know more about it further.

Shivangi uploaded a video and was saying in that video that what is now called this relationship is leaving. She was quite depressed. He did not feel like going, yet he would have to go even if he did not want to.

He liked the best character of a wife. Both Karthik and Naira starred in the role of Papa Mummy as well. She was saying that now I and Naira will definitely be in your heart. Everyone will remember that this relationship was called Naira i.e. Shivangi.

Naira was saying that she is going but what is coming with you guys at Karthik and Naira’s place will remain, you will definitely watch this serial. During the video we also came to know that she was wearing a white salwar suit and was narrating all the things with great sadness.

Naira was also saying during her video that she did not know when she became Naira from Shivangi and when she became Shivangi from Naira in 4 and a half years.


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