After exiting Gauhar Khan, I met my ex boyfriend suddenly at the airport, said hi luck

Recently, famous Bollywood actress Gauhar Khan has chosen Zaid Darbar as her life partner. On Christmas day, Gauhar-Zaid are tied in marriage. Their wedding is becoming fiercely viral on social media. Two days after the same wedding, Gauhar Khan arrived at the airport with Zaid to go to Lucknow. But the interesting thing has been that as soon as Gauhar reached inside the plane, he met his ex-boyfriend Kushal Tandon there. Where Kushal was seen congratulating her on her wedding.

Gauhar Khan

After marriage, Gauhar Khan collides with his ex boyfriend

Gauhar Khan

Actually Gauhar Khan wedding Soon after, it was considered right to return to his work, in which his husband Zaid Darbar has been seen giving full support. At the same time, Gauhar reached the airport with her husband for the purpose of shooting in Lucknow, but on the flight, she met her ex-boyfriend Kushal Tandon. However, both of them did not know in advance that they both had the same flight, as Kushal was also going to the same flight for a shoot in his home town.

Kushal Tandon’s video went viral

Gauhar Khan

Kushal Tandon also made a video congratulating Gauhar on his wedding, which Wompala shared on his Instagram account, which has so far been liked by more than 20,000 people. In this video, Kushal gave his X Girlfriends Congratulations to said, “I was going to my house and I am very happy for Gauhar, because she looks very beautiful. Maybe I really wanted to congratulate you. So wish you a very happy marriage .. ”Where in the last Kushal said,“ Hi Kismet…. ”

Gauhar Khan

Let us tell you that Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon were seen together in the seventh season of Bigg Boss, where these two couples started dating each other from the house of Bigg Boss. The same Kushal and Gauhar Rahat were seen together in Fateh Ali Khan’s famous song “Jaruri Tha”.

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