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After all, Bhanja Krishna and Mama Govinda don’t like to see each other’s mouth


We all know Govinda, who has been a very big Bollywood star for a time and his name is very big and his nephew is also very famous behind him, which is Krishna Abhishek. They also host shows and Kapil Sharma is also seen in the show and does comedy there but if we talk to them, they are almost completely closed and the situation is such that the two see each other. Do not like till

Recently, Govinda Kapil Sharma came to be a part of the show, then it is a matter of time when Krishna, who often comes to different get ups to do comedy, did not come and then Govinda talked about it Tightened and the bitterness between the two came out again.

Actually this quarrel started a few years ago when Krishna’s wife Kashmira wrote a post on social media that some people dance with money. Govinda and his wife Sunita took it to their hearts and said that it is on us but Kashmirira said that it is on her sister Aarti and not on her. On this, Krishna tried to convince him but he did not agree and then finally the thing came out as he was understanding.

Later, Govinda and his wife Sunita severed their relationship with Krishna and with his wife forever, and now many years have passed, Krishna has also made many efforts but till now their relationship is not right. Could.

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