After 7 years, the sister of the former CM returned home, revealed her true identity as soon as her memory returned

Former Jharkhand Chief Minister Babulal Marandi has suddenly met his lost sister, Masuni Devi, 7 years ago. If the news is to be believed, then the goddess Bharatpur own home Found in the ashram. In 2013, Masuni Devi, who was suffering from mental depression or memory loss, was separated from her family members. In such a situation, the family tried hard to find him, but in the last 7 years, he never got any clue.

After 7 years, it is suddenly revealed about Masuni Devi. It was revealed that when her memory was lost, she was found to be walking in unclaimed condition on the roadside area of ​​Bharatpur police station, after which she was taken to her home in Bharatpur Ashram. She was very looked after here, after which she slowly started recovering.

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Recently he told everything about himself. During this, she stated her name and her address and said that she is the younger sister of former Jharkhand Chief Minister Babulal Marandi. When the ashram operators came to know about this, they immediately called former CM Babulal Marandi and gave them complete information in this matter.

After listening to all this, Babulal Marandi did not believe at first that the sister whom he had been looking for for 7 years had found it, but when the ashram told him to talk to his sister, he was convinced of this Done and immediately started talking about meeting her sister. During this, Babulal Marandi said, “You have met, now everything will be alright”.

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He then informed the family members about this as well. Then Munnu Lal Marandi, brother of Masuni Devi, and son Suleman arrived at the ashram on Tuesday to pick her up and return to Ranchi with her sister. Babulal Marandi gave a grand welcome to his sister. During this, he asked his sister’s tears and said that now you have found, the days of happiness have returned. Now everything will be alright… Now we will all be together.

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After returning to the family of Masuni Devi, there is a wave of happiness in Giridih’s Burgunda and ancestral home. He is currently at Babulal’s residence and his health is under investigation. According to the news, for the time being, Msuni Devi will be staying at Babulal’s house and on horse, where her health will be examined.


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