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Actor Sushant’s ex-girlfriend Ankita will give tribute, will be seen on this stage


Sushant Singh Rajput had been a well-known actor of Bollywood and this is the reason that when he said goodbye to the world, his fans demanded even CBI to find out the reason for doing so. Today, the fans of Sushant are not only in the country but also in foreign countries, a glimpse was seen when CBI was not being confirmed in Sushant’s case. Meanwhile, Sushant’s sister was always ready to give justice to her brother.

She was accompanied by another well-known actress who tried her best to bring justice to Sushant. This is none other than Sushant’s ex girlfriend Ankita Lokhande. But the sad thing is that till now there is no concrete reason for this case. And now Ankita, who was Sushant’s ex girlfriend, has planned to give Sushant a tribute. Let us tell you that Ankita was also shocked when she came to know for the first time that Sushant is no longer among us.

You may remember that once upon a time the serial named Pritha Rishta used to be quite popular. And from this, Ankita and Sushant’s closeness was increased the most because both were seen in the lead role in this show. Both of them got tremendous popularity as soon as they did the show and Sushant and Ankita were in a relationship for almost 6 years. After this relationship, when both of them were thinking of marriage, what was the difference between them and the two separated.

The TV serial Pavitra Rishta was one of the most successful TV shows of its time. The show’s lead Ankita and Sushant became the superstars of television. Both fell in love with this show and both were in a relationship for 6 years. At the same time, the director of the show Ekta Kapoor telecasted the show even after Sushant, but the response could not get as good. And now some time an award function is to be hosted in which Ankita Lokhande is also going to be seen.

There are reports that Ankita is going to give a tribute to her ex boyfriend Sushant in this award function and for this she is going to give some performance on this platform. This award show is to be telecasted on Zee TV only because it was the channel on which the holy Rishta serial was broadcast for the first time. Now what kind of Tribute is going to happen, very few people are aware of it, but it is so sure that all the fans are going to be sentimental about it. Can perform on the songs of a film.

Whatever it is, but for all those who want justice for Sushant, it is going to be quite fulfilling. And at the same time it can perhaps refresh the memories of Sishant.

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