Abhishek stood outside this bungalow with wife Aishwarya, this person did not let her go inside! Why it is so ?

In our Bollywood, there is always a matter of discussion about some actor or actress, now look at Abhishek Bachchan, who is one of the considered families of Bollywood, tell you that today is a very big day for the Bachchan family. Because today Abhishek Bachchan is celebrating his 42nd birthday.

Actually on this occasion, Abhishek Bachchan, along with his wife Aishwarya Bachchan and daughter Aaradhya, had come to immerse their father-in-law Krishna Raj Rai. And they did not allow anyone to enter, it was that they did not get entry in their own house, due to which they kept standing outside the house and shaking the phone, but the caretaker Krishna Kumar Pandey did not open the door.

According to media reports, when he became disturbed, he left Mumbai disappointed. Aishwarya and daughter Aaradhya also stood outside the house. Let me tell you that Ravindra Mishra, who lives near the bungalow of ‘flowers bungalow’ on Clive Road, had told that during the elections in 1984, when Amitabh had come to Allahabad for his Conceiving, he had told this house as his own.

Now let us tell you about this house. First of all, Harivansh Rai Bachchan left the house in Katghar in 1939 to live in a bungalow on Clive Road and then Amitabh was born there. The Bachchan family lived in this bungalow till 1956. It is very luxurious. This bungalow has three big rooms with ten doors including doors, windows and skylight. Due to this, it is also called a 10-door bungalow.

Let me tell you that the owner of this bungalow was Srishankar Tiwari and he was a lawyer by profession. However, after Amitabh’s family moves from here, there is no longer a lock in this bungalow, it is always locked and now this bungalow is now looked after by the trust’s member and lawyer KK Pandey. Tiwari has given Pandey the responsibility of maintaining the bungalow. Tiwari has passed away.

Pandey says that both the owner of the bungalow, Tiwari and his wife Indu, did not have a good relationship with the Bachchan family, due to this, due to the Bachchan family, the gates of the bungalow were closed to them.

Bachchan family shifted to Delhi in 1956-57, only after that their relationship with this house ended. Nevertheless, he kept trying to tell it his own. The same thing seemed bad to Tiwari ji and his wife. ”However, Mr. Shankar Tiwari is no longer alive.

But his caretaker Krishna Kumar Pandey is following his rule even today and is taking care of his bungalow. Let me tell you that this care-taker is very powerful and does the work of his own free will and does not allow any member of the Bachchan family to enter this bungalow.

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