9/11, as ‘Baba Wanga’ predicted Hamlo

You may have heard the predictions a lot, but to believe in it depends on the time. Baba Wanga had made such a prediction which seems to be coming true in today’s time.

Baba Wanga was blind from birth. His followers considered the Bulgarian fakir to be Balkan nostradamus, who greatly believed his powers of divine vision. He had predicted from Corona to Trump, which to some extent proved to be true.

The shocking prophecy of Baba Wanga

Baba Wanga

Impossible but true in listening, Baba Wanga used to tell anyone about his past, future and present. The interesting thing was that he was born blind from birth, but still he had an unprecedented art of seeing and hearing more than a common man. He made many claims that have come true today, such as the 9/11 World Trade Center attack, the Holocaust in Thailand, the 2004 tsunami and predicted the 2008 election of President Barack Obama.

Baba Wanga’s supporters believe that a blind woman living in Rupite village in Bulgaria had the power to communicate with the dead. Baba Wanga lost his eyes during a storm, since then these divine powers came in him. Baba Vanga had predicted 5079 before he died. His prediction so far has also proved to be correct on many occasions. His prediction is believed to be 85 percent true.

Muslims will take over Europe

Baba Wanga

Baba Wanga also claimed that the “invasion of extremist Muslims” in Europe will occur in the year 2021, where the continent will face chemical attacks.

Destructive earthquake will come in the world

Baba Wanga

According to Baba, the Earth’s orbit will change in the year 2021, due to which an earthquake-like situation will start occurring in the whole world. Such incidents were witnessed in 1963, but its impact was not so intense.

China will rule the world

Baba Wanga

Baba believed that this country, called dragons, would lead the world due to its conspiracies. Where three countries India, China and Russia will rule the world.

Baba had also said about the year 2020 that there will be terrible destruction this year. On the earth, there was talk of water catastrophe, outbreak of epidemic and talk to the opposing countries. Which is also true

Baba Wanga also said that in the year 2020 China Will emerge as the main superpower. Apart from that, India and Russia will also rule the world.

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