8 Fashion Hacks Every Man Should Follow

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To a certain extent, we are all defined by how we look, how we present ourselves and by the kind of clothes we wear. Hence fashion becomes an important aspect of one’s personality.


Men in general lack in having a “sense of fashion”, they usually wear the wrong combinations, clothes unrelated to the event they are going to and sometimes they are too lazy to just follow the trend.

So here are some fashion hacks you must follow to make a nice and positive impression on someone:

1) Never wear White Socks.

White socks are a total NO; they make you look a bit clumsy as they never go with any combination of jeans and shoes. Always choose a dark color like Black or Blue for your socks.

2) Match the color of your shoes and belts.

With Black shoes, wear a Black belt and with Brown shoes, go for a Brown belt. Shoes and belt always complement each other, to a certain level they also affect how you look as a whole. Thus, this is a very important hack.

3) White T-shirt and Shirts are always accepted.

If you are confused about what color to wear, always go for the color White. White color is the origin of all colors and matches with everything. (It goes best with blue though). It is accepted in every occasion and is thus a savior

4 Have a beard according to your face structure.

Beards are a modern-day trend. Almost every man you meet or see has a fully grown beard. But what is important to note is that different beards suit different face structure. It is important to identify your face structure first and then grow a beard accordingly.

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