51 lakh buffalo live near “Saraswati”, two bodyguards give 33 liters of milk every day

Today we are going to tell about such a buffalo in Punjab, you will be surprised to hear about it. Today we are going to tell you about a unique buffalo. This buffalo belongs to a farmer resident of Ludhiana, Punjab. The price of this buffalo is 51 lakh rupees. Two bodyguards are deployed every time to protect this buffalo so that no one can steal this buffalo. The owner of the buffalo, Holy Singh, has named this buffalo as Saraswati. It costs 51 lakh rupees. You will be surprised to know that this buffalo gives 33 liters of milk daily.

That’s why the owner of this buffalo fears that no one will steal this buffalo. Holy Singh says that he had bought this buffalo in Hisar, Haryana. A farmer there sold this buffalo to him for Rs 51 lakh.

The farmer is a resident of Rajur village, 8 km from Holy Singh Machhiwara. They have 17 acres of land on which they cultivate. Along with farming, they also act as dairy. They have some cows and four buffaloes, whose milk they earn by selling it. Saraswati is the most special among all the animals they have.

The food of Saraswati is similar to other animals but still gives more milk than other animals. According to Holy Singh, Saraswati gives 33 liters of milk daily. While his second buffalo pigeon gives only 27 liters of milk daily. On the other hand, buffalo noori only gives 25 liters of milk.

The sacred says that despite the normal dose of Saraswati, it gives more milk. This buffalo has broken the record of 33.121 liter milk of Pakistani buffalo in one day. Pious says that it will soon break the record of giving 33.800 liters of milk to other Pakistani buffalo nuns.

Pavitra also told that when Saraswati was pregnant, her baby was sold for 11 lakhs before she was born.


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