41-year-old Chris Gayle has not yet announced his retirement, this shocking answer given during the interview

Live hindi news: – Chris Gayle, popularized by the West Indies leading action player as “Universe Boss”, made his ODI debut against India in 1999 and has been playing cricket for almost 22 years. He is currently 41 years old and has played 103 Tests, 301 ODIs and 58 T20 matches for the West Indies.

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He has been playing since the age of 40 without announcing his retirement and has been a major action player in the worldwide T20 series. Chris Gayle who is currently talking openly about his retirement has given a shocking reply to a news agency. As he says-

I am confident that I can play cricket for the next five years. So by the time I was 45, I had no chance to quit cricket.

He further said that I will think about retirement only after playing two more World Cups. He was referring to the fact that age is just a number for me.


He referred to two World Cups as Yadan in view of this year’s T20 World Cup in India and next year’s T20 World Cup in Australia. He also said that he looks forward to playing in these two World Cup series.


Gayle is a fan of sixes worldwide in international cricket. It is notable that fans have posted comments that the title “Universe Pass” is right for them, who usually fly sixes in all directions without scoring runs in T20 matches.

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