300 people attended ‘sex party’, corona

41 people have been found corona positive after a sex party organized in New Orleans, USA. Naughty in nollins Around 300 people gathered at this event named. Bob Hanford, the CEO and founder of the event, stated in his blog that he had made a lot of arrangements to protect against the corona virus, but many people had become corona positive after the end of the event.

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Special friends are also Corona positive
A special friend of Bob has also been found to be Corona positive and his condition remains critical. Bob is very sorry about this.

Bob has written in his blog- “If I had known that this could happen, I would never have organized this event.” This thing is bothering me constantly and it will continue to bother me till everything is completely cured. ” Bob has also written in his blog that he had followed the guidelines for this sex party and made many arrangements to avoid this corona.

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According to Bob, all people were corona tested. In the sex party with sanitization, social distancing was observed, people were wearing masks, only the permissions of not wearing masks while eating and drinking. People who were recently corona negative were wearing wrist bands and people who had antibodies She was wearing a wristband in the other hand. According to the city’s Corona guidelines, the dance floor was not even arranged.

Bob wrote in his blog – We asked questions to those who were found to be Corona positive so that we could find out which area was the most risky during this sex party. Everyone told that they were very alert for the first two days, but by the end of this event, which lasted five days, people had stopped following the Corona Guidelines.

Preparations begin for 2021 Invest
According to the report of website NOLA, this event was very small in the competition of previous years but still it became fatal. In 2019, 2 thousand people attended the sex party but this time only 300 people were in this event. However, despite Bob’s regret, preparations have begun for the Notting in Nollins 2021 event. The company has prepared the package for August 2021 and the price of this four nights sex party package is expected to be 699 dollars for a couple.

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