3.5-foot girl turned mother – handsome husband becomes happily crazy – see photos

Friends, who does not know TV actor Juhi Aslam today. Friends, this is a name that does not require any introduction. Friends say that success is achieved not by seeing beauty but by seeing ability. Such is the story of actress Juhi Aslam that despite the very low height of the TV industry, Juhi has achieved a huge success in Aslam.

Juhi Aslam, who made a place in the heart of the audience, made it through the serial ‘Baba Aiso Var Khocho’. Her performance was highly appreciated by the audience. After which Juhi has appeared in many other TV serials.

Juhi married this secretly last year, Juhi never let anyone know about her marriage. Even today no one is able to know her husband’s name, after all the media came to know about this and Juhi remained very much in discussion about the news of her marriage last year. And the discussion of these is becoming common in all social media mediums, everyone is writing about their married life and life partner, and taking as much information as possible, posting it for their viewers. , So that all the audience can know about these.

Juhi is in the news once again for being a mother. Yes, Juhi Aslam has given birth to a son and is very happy with his life. You think whose height is only 3.5 feet and her husband is so good and then the happiness of the child is really a very good thing for them. Friends, it is a matter of luck that in spite of their physical weakness, it is more prevalent among the people and how their life may have been before, but their life is going very well now, friends, in their happiness, it is like icing The thing is to give birth to their beautiful child, all are congratulating them through social media, and all are also wishing for the life to come.


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