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20 Reasons Why You Should Not Eat Too Much Bananas


Bananas are one of the most widely consumed fruits throughout the world. Its creamy texture and rich flavor makes it a favorite among many people. However, there are also some health defects which come with eating too many bananas. Excess of everything is wrong and the same is the case with these fruits. It is an amazing fruit, but it also has quite a few drawbacks and side effects.

Here is a list of twenty reasons why you should not go bananas over this fruit.

#20 Migraine Levels

Migraine is a type of primary headache. In this condition, the patient suffers through chain headaches that recur after intervals. Many foods contain substances that act as a trigger for migraine. Bananas contain Tyramine both in the fruit and, in much higher concentration, in the peel. This substance serves as a trigger for migraines; therefore, a person who suffers from migraine should think twice before incorporating bananas into their diet. Furthermore, care should be taken that the peel is removed completely.



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