20 minutes after the birth of the child, doctors declared her dead, then the mother did something similar with the dead body …

Mother is a word that we cannot explain in words because in this world mother has been called another form of God and it has been said that God cannot live with us all the time, that is why she has created a mother who is like a shadow of her children. She lives together and there is only one mother who can go to any extent for the sake of her children without any selfishness. Today we are going to tell you about one such mother whose mother had so much power that she did something after knowing that her newborn child was dead and everyone was shocked.

Actually this is the case of Australia where a woman gave birth to a premature baby and after 20 minutes after she was born, the doctors declared her dead, after which the mother handed over the body of her baby. Let us know in detail. regarding this matter..

Let me tell you, Kate Ogg, David’s wife living in Sydney, Australia, gave birth to a son in 2010, who was only 6 months old and weighed about 1 kg and the condition of this premature baby is also very delicate. Due to this, due to a lot of efforts of the doctors, they could not save this child and only after 20 minutes of birth, the doctors declared him dead and after this he handed over the dead body of the child to his mother and said that it was skin Keep giving two skin care.

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